Stan and I are moved to support the rebuilding of a safe house/community school for these families in Naitauba. Polstar Group, our masonry firm is donating our time and expertise towards this important initiative. This February 2017, a crew of six masons under our direction, will travel to Naitauba for two weeks to manage the construction of this project.

Imagine if your community was wiped out by a Category 5 cyclone. Your school and your homes in a pile of rubble. And you have no resources to rebuild. The hurricane season is approaching once more. And there is not one safe and secure cyclone ready building that can provide shelter for the families and children.

Well this is the situation for a community dear to my heart made up of 38 children and their families who live on the island of Naitauba, in Fiji.

We are asking each of you to feel into this opportunity to partner with us by making a financial gesture. To support you in this consideration, below are the details.


With our gratitude,

Dorota and Stan (Polstar Group Ltd.)