Stan Maronski
President, Polstar Group Ltd.

Long lasting, satisfied relationships with you, our client
is my top priority.

e. Stan Maronski
t. (416) 464.4841


Mirek Kosinski
Project / Service Manager, Polstar Group Ltd.

Making sure we are delivering quality for you,
this is my commitment.

e. Mirek Kosinski
e. Service Management
t. (647) 292.4074


Taras Bahriy
Project Coordinator, Polstar Group Ltd.

I am here to support my team and your team- everyone’s success is equally important to me!

e. Taras Bahriy
t. (416) 670.9255

Magdalena Maronska
Office Manager, Polstar Group Ltd.

I am your office manager, supporting smooth day to day operations,
you can count on me.

e. Magdalena Maronska
t. (647) 968.8976


Dorota Kosinska
Bookkeeping Services, Polstar Group Ltd.

I’m here for you to help with any A/R or A/P matters. It’s my pleasure to serve you.

e. Dorota Kosinska
t. (905) 334.8941



Relax. It's handled.