Maple Lane Homes has worked with Polstar Group Limited on a number of projects over a number of years. These include town homes and single family detached homes, as well as custom. The largest project was completed in phases over several years. All of the work required recording of compliance with a variety of quality and employment standards, and involved oversight and inspections form a variety of stakeholders. We believe we know Polstar Group well. We are happy to recommend Polstar Group Limited. They provide quality work at a fair price. They are clear in their communications. They are helpful in resolving problems. They have the capacity to build and complete large scale projects. They are well organized and meet their schedules. Please give Polstar Group Limited your serious consideration.
Marcello Polsinelli, Maple Lane Lands & Development Co. Ltd.

Please accept this letter as verification of masonry work performed by Polstar Goup - Mr. Stan Maronski - for Vist Homes on various projects over the past 10 years. This work included subdivision home through to  custom homes, from brickwork to detailed stone masonry. We have no hesitation in hiring Polstar Group for any masonry work.
Murray Koebel, Vista Homes
Polstar has been our "mason of record" for over 10 years and I would not consider using any other company. In that span, they have completed several hundread homes fo us, rangin in style from high-end customs to production singles and townhouses. Their prices are competitive and they are extremly hands-on and professional. They work efficiently, safely and have top-notch on-site supervision.
Ruvan Waltman, Genesis Homes


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